I really wanted to stay on track with the Wildflower Shoulder Bag CAL. For the most part, I have.  While looking through the CAL Facebook page, I saw an idea for crocheted handles that I really want to try, but as they were not part of the original pattern, I’m considering myself on target. I may also go back and add a lining to the bag. People have been so creative with their idea for lining from using old jeans (built in interior pockets!), to pillowcases, to tote bags they had.

This was nice for summer because it was not a large, hot afghan and it was a 3-week project. Altogether a positive experience as the participants were all friendly, encouraging,  and willing to share knowledge and advice in a helpful way. I am also in awe of those who managed to get three bags done in the time it took me to do one.