Hook case

I’ve been trying, slowly, to declutter and organize around the house. I’m starting with small projects like that one drawer in the sideboard that has all sorts of miscellany in it. While pulling everything out, I found a random plaid placemat. This was once part of a set of four. I have no idea what happened to the other three. Perhaps they wandered off with all the single socks that disappear on a regular basis.

It was such a pretty plaid that I could not bear to put it into the donate box. Besides, who would want a single placemat?  Instead, it has been turned into a holder for my crochet hooks.

I had been using a metal cigar tube for them, which worked fine, there was just one thing…it rattled. Whenever I would take my current project bag with me somewhere there would be a rattle-clink noise with every step I took. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I had been planning to find something to replace it.

Because the placemat was already hemmed, I just had to fold the end up using a hook as a guide to how far it should go and sew the sides. Then, again using a hook to see how far apart to make them, some straight lines were sewn in to make narrow pockets for the hooks.  The top part gets folded over the hooks, and it can be rolled up. A piece of bias tape I had on hand was added for a ribbon to tie it closed.

Hook case 2

I suppose it is not actually decluttering if you don’t actually get rid of the item, but at least now it will be an item used, rather than one languishing forgotten in the back of a drawer.