The next part of the Wildflower Bag CAL comes out on July 9, so I finished part 1 just under the wire. It has been strange for me to feel like I have to work on the same project every day. Usually, even with a big project, I will jump in and out of it if something suits me more on a given day. This week has been all about crocheting squares.

Part 1

These are the 6 completed squares. It was rainy, so the color is way off. Even with a flash I couldn’t get it to look turquoise.  I’ve added one of each of my possible button choices to see what might work. I am leaning toward either the lower right, or possibly no button at all. I am going to wait to make a decision until the bag is almost done to see if adding the body to it changes what I think. I can’t tell if it is going to end up looking fancy or casual. The cotton yarn makes me think it will be more on the causal-looking side.