Glue gun

A park near my house has a walking trail around it with signs giving you the distance in quarter mile increments. Because it is an odd length of 1.75 miles, there is not a post at the halfway point. Passing the mile marker though, means that you have gone over halfway around. That marker is also at the top of a steep hill, so not only is the distance shorter, it is also easier since the hill has been crested and the rest of the way is down hill.

I was thinking about how fast June went by, when I realized that we are now in month seven of the year. Doing some quick math, as of noon on July 2 we had hit the half way point of the year. Since I didn’t realize it until July 5th, I had passed the halfway point of the year and my 365 challenge without being aware of it.

I could do a retrospective, but I won’t. Instead, like when I am out walking, I’ll keep moving ahead. I’ve got many more days to fill, but now it feels like I’ve crested the hill.

I did some crochet today, another square for the Wildflower CAL, but I’m posting a picture of an old, well-used glue gun. When I was living on my own for the first time in a tiny studio apartment, this $2.99 glue gun was one of the only craft supplies I had. The number of supplies I have has definitely increased, but apparently the need to make things has been pretty constant.

So on to the the second half of the year! I’m hoping there won’t be too many steep hills ahead.