First square

As this is my first crochet along, may I just say that I suddenly feel very slow and unproductive?  I had gotten as far as printing the instructions out, and there were a lot of people who were already posting that they had finished all six squares required for part one. Some had even started a second set. I have now officially finished 1 square. This pattern uses a bunch of techniques from making the petals in the front loops and the rounds in the back loops to turning a circle into a square. I did have to do some frogging twice, but since the squares aren’t large it wasn’t too bad.

It’s been a busy weekend with the Independence Day holiday and all of the barbecues and fireworks that come along with it, so I’m not holding out any hope that I will get through the remaining 5 before it is over, but  since the next part won’t be released until Thursday, I should be on track.