I went out to a farm hoping they were still offering “Pick Your Own” strawberries. They weren’t, but I was still able to buy 2 quarts of the last of their harvest that had been picked that morning. Fresh ripe strawberries seem so different than the ones that come in the plastic containers at the super market. Even though it was 94f/34c degrees, I fired up the oven and made shortcakes so we could have them that night. I suggested having them for dinner rather than dessert, but got voted down on that. My mom used to do that as a treat about once a year.

I took a break in the afternoon and got some crochet done, starting a new square. It felt good to close off the room, turn on the air conditioner and sit in the cool for a bit. Old houses without central air conditioning mean you live in the one or two rooms with window units when the heat arrives full force.  A big thunderstorm blew through around 8pm. It was dramatic with gusting winds and continuous lightening. As quickly as it came, it was gone, leaving behind much cooler temperatures and an odd yellow color to the sky and air. We went outside to look at the sky and bumped into 4 other sets of neighbors doing the same thing.


The big check mark Tuesday came with the finishing of the Great Radiator Cover Project. They got installed, and since I have shared bits of it along the way I wanted to post the final result. My husband is fairly new at woodworking, but I am amazed at his work.  Here is a “before” photo of one of them so you can see the difference from what we had.  The blue painters tape was only there because we were in the middle of repainting the actual radiators, it wasn’t a part of our regular decor. 🙂