By this time of the year I have usually put away crochet projects because it has gotten too warm to consider working with yarn.  This year, I’ve discovered that using a lighter gauge mercerized cotton has let me extend the “crochet season” in my house. I have been using Paton Grace, which is a 3 gauge and not fuzzy at all. I’d like to make a light summer blanket out of it, but have been hesitating because the skeins are so small–only 50g each– so they don’t make much yardage.

I’ve come up with a long-term solution. I’m going to make large squares out of each skein, and that way, I can pick up more gradually when I have a good coupon, and I won’t have to worry about the dye lots matching since I’ll be using all different colors.  It also means I won’t have a full afghan on my lap in the summer while I’m working on it. Although I have been avoiding granny squares, I recently saw a variation of them on Attic24. Now, on the site, they were made in 3 rounds and were small, but using the pattern, I can keep increasing and make them as large as I want.

I chose these because they are more solid than what I think of as the more traditional grannies. I had a go at a practice square using the yarn that was left over from the bikini and got 5 rounds out of it. I plan to make the blanket squares much larger, but I was happy to find a pattern that will work for this project.