swim suit

I had my “check engine light” come on a few days ago. Sometimes when this happens, it is something as simple as the gas cap being loose…which drives me crazy because I don’t need a trip to the mechanic to tighten the gas cap, but it happens. When I stopped by the mechanic, it turns out it WAS the gas cap, but there were some other problems too. Pricey problems. As I was driving home, I was all out of sorts.  The shop was fixing my car, which was good, but after this weekend’s brake problems with my husband’s truck, it seemed like the universe wanted all of our money.

I’m not the sort who usually stays in a funk very long. But when I was still feeling this way a few hours later I stopped and realized my internal “check engine light” was also on. This week has been a bit disjointed, and I have not had time to do as much working on tangible projects as I have gotten in the habit of doing. I wondered if part of my uneasy feeling was due to missing that. After putting a few check marks on my to-do list so I at least felt a little productive, I sat down and started on the bathing suit bottom to go with the top from over the weekend.

With a few fits and starts, I got into the rhythm of it and started feeling better. My grumpiness went away and I became a human being again. That $4.00 ball of yarn was good therapy.