This is my dad. Isn’t he cute? He just got back from his 60th college reunion this past weekend. I may be biased, but he is a pretty amazing guy. When I was growing up, I never knew that some people called professionals to fix things in their house. He was able to do everything. As you can see from the photo, that hasn’t changed.  He came over to our house to help with some electrical projects. As his able assistant, I actually learned how the circuits and junction boxes worked, but I was still happy to have him do the work since he actually knew what he was doing.

I got creative with dinner tonight. Roasting up a bunch of vegetables with some fresh rosemary from the herb garden. When I was working, I never felt like I had the time to roast vegetables since I got home so late and quick dinner preparation was my main goal. It’s been fun to try different meals. I do get into a rut of preparing the same rotation of food, so this time has given me the chance to experiment with new recipes and mix things up a bit.