I pin a lot of ideas onto Pinterest. Sometimes, though, I forget to go back and browse through my own boards to revisit the projects I liked enough to pin. I took some time to do that, and found a pin for a fabric wreath I had forgotten about.


I decided to do a test run of the wreath using paper before I committed to cutting and starching fabric. I also have a weird thing going with origami. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I end up with a crumpled piece of paper.  I must be eternally hopeful though, because I have a partial pack of foil origami paper in my craft room. I actually remember when I bought this paper. I was living in my first apartment, so I’ve had it over 20 years. And I have further proved that you need to hold onto supplies because you never know when you will need them. 🙂

This time, the origami worked! Good thing too because this required making 16 of the folded triangles. Maybe it is because of the bright shiny paper, but this reminded me of fireworks when I was making it.