During the summer, one of my favorite flowers is the zinnia.  The colors are so bright they almost look like cartoon versions of flowers. Yesterday, while I was wasting some time on Facebook, I saw a friend had shared a photo of some pine cones painted to look like zinnias. The photo didn’t link back to the original blog post, but it looked pretty simple, so I gave it a go.

I only had three pine cones in the house, and I used paint colors I had on hand choosing the ones that were most zinnia-ish. These could probably use a second coat of paint, and ideally, I would try to find cones that were open a bit more, but I can definitely see the resemblance. I was also happy to see there was a reason I had been hoarding saving empty egg cartons since one of them made the perfect drying rack.

When I was done, I had the brainstorm to search google for the instructions, and found the original post here.  There is a photo of a group of them in a shallow bowl.  Looks like I have some pine cone collecting to do.