Sea glass

Here in Philadelphia, we do not go to the beach or to the ocean,  we go “down the shore.”  We are lucky to be close enough the the New Jersey beaches to make it an easy trip. This weekend, my husband and I took a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary and had 3 beautiful days.

I’ve never tried to do anything crafty on the beach, usually I bring a book, some crossword puzzles or soduku, but this time I did bring along some yarn to see if I could give it a go. It turn out that hands made greasy from sunscreen and ocean breezes are not conducive to handling yarn, but I did manage to do a little bit of crochet each night in our room.

On Sunday, the weather was clear when we woke up, but the forecast called for thundershowers moving in around noon, so we went to the beach early. Instead of our usual place, we drove to a more remote beach since my husband wanted to look for a piece of driftwood to use for an upcoming project. This one requires a walk of about a mile along a sandy path so only a handful of people go there–usually people who want to fish and are willing to make the trek across hot sand. When we got there, most of the beach was roped off because an endangered species of bird was nesting in the dunes, so driftwood hunting was limited, but we did have a fishing pole, so while my husband spent some time casting in the surf, I went hunting for sea glass.

Sea glass is created by broken bits of bottles getting tossed around in the ocean softening the edges and giving them a frosted appearance. It is much harder to find sea glass these days, which is fortunate, because it means there is less litter going into the ocean.  Usually, I can find one or two pieces.  Perhaps it was the remoteness of this beach, or the fact that it was a northern point on the land, there was a lot to be found there. I picked up all of this in about an hour of walking along the water’s edge where the shells and small stones collect as the tide goes back out.

I am not sure what I will make from this. It looks pretty just displayed in the shell I used to hold it. But this was a fun way to gather new craft supplies.