I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts contain some form of the phrase “I’ve had such-and-such in my stash for years,” but this project made me realize just how long my stash hoarding has been going on. Want proof?

 (c) 2000

Apparently, I’ve been holding on to this piece of fabric for 15 years.  The worst part is, I remember when I bought it, the draw was that it was a pre-printed tablecloth panel that just needed to be hemmed in order to have a completed project. Really, that is all…it just needed to be hemmed. It has been with me in its unfinished state through several moves.  It has been pulled out of various bins and refolded only to be put back. It has remained a potential tablecloth.

I looked up the definition of “vintage” and 20 years is the cut off, so at least I finally used it before it hit that mark. So now, with a few minutes of ironing and sewing,  I have a brand-new, almost-vintage tablecloth. I need to dive into my fabric bins to see what other lost treasures are lurking there.