When we first moved into our house about 10 years ago, there were big scraggly half-dead bushes in the front that covered the porch windows.  We ended up pulling them out using shovels, a chain attached to a pick up truck and a chainsaw to cut the roots which had grown into the foundation of the house. I’m sure out neighbors thought that crazy people had moved onto the block. We had always planned to replant the front, but there were so many other projects needing to be done that it kept being put off.

I finally made a start by trenching the border and laying rocks to mark the edge. There has been a lot of discussion about what to use, but because the exposed part of the foundation is stone, the rocks were chosen over bricks, wood or pavers. I will eventually put some bushes out front as well, but for now have just planted some flowers to fill it in.  Mulch may arrive this weekend.

There are plans to do the same on the other side of the steps, but that will wait a few weeks. Over the past weekend, while unloading the rocks, our gas meter which sits alongside our very narrow driveway was bumped by the truck tire and started leaking. When the gas company came out to fix it, they also put in an order to have it moved to the front of the house so we would not have that happen again. (I am actually surprised it took 10 years for it to happen, and am glad that I wasn’t the one driving!) They will have to dig up the exact spot where the other bed will go, so I figure I will let them do the work and save me the digging.  Digging and hauling stones is a workout!