Although I did not grow up in a house where coasters were used, I use them now.  Not so much to keep marks off the furniture since we have glass-topped side tables, but because we have a very uneven floor in our house, and condensation coupled with uneven floors and glass-topped tables actually leads to glasses sliding toward the edge. Because of this particular old-house phenomenon, I prefer to use fabric or cork coasters since they absorb moisture.  They also don’t get stuck to the bottom of the glass from condensation and startle you when they fall off into your lap right as you are about to take a sip.

I was going through my precut squares the other day trying to group them into colors and patterns that would work together to see if I had enough to consider the rag quilt. I found I had three strays that did not seem to go with any of the others either because of the color or pattern not working. I wanted to keep the sewing momentum going, so I started searching for scrap projects and realized that a ten-inch square is the perfect size to make a set of four coasters.

With just some backing fabric, some batting, and a few straight stitches, they were done. I think I will make a few more sets in the coming weeks to have on hand if I need a small hostess gift over the summer. Plus, it will give me something quick to sew while I figure out what I am going to do about that rag quilt.