I seem to have an abundance of precut 10 inch squares in my fabric stash. I started cutting some 10 inch denim squares yesterday thinking of making a rag quilt using the precuts for the top and denim for the bottom.  I had a piece of funky striped denim, but it only yielded about 12 squares. Now I have a decision to make.

I got the denim at the local annual 4H fabric sale where you can get incredible deals on fabric people have donated. The practical side of me knows I should wait until the sale in August to get the rest of the denim I need. However, the part of me that wants to get started on this is nudging me to find some fabric now.  I could use other heavy non-denims in my stash, or hit up the local thrift shops for cheap jeans (although they are more of a pain to cut up into squares).

I may have to go through a bin or two that I have at home to see if there is anything that will work.  Even if this is put on hold for a few months, I feel good having a plan for using some of the precuts I’ve accumulated.

And if you live near Philadelphia, and use any sort of fabric, mark your calendar for August 6-8. This fabric sale is really worth checking out. They also have bins of yarn, books and other craft supplies. Fabric is sorted by fiber, and includes everything from home decor fabrics, silks, vintage, quilting cotton, linen, wool and more.  Information about it is here.