Some Saturdays get busy.  Some Saturdays are filled with planting grass seed and unloading rocks and weeding garden beds. Some days you walk past things out of place and think “I should put that away” but don’t get to it the first time. Or the second….


On days like that, you might sometimes see a piece of silk cord  hanging out of a bin, and rather than put it away the 7th time you pass it, you pull it out, and decide it really needs to become a necklace. And if you are a hoarder of random craft items, you might be able to poke through another bin, and find an odd single earring that was given to you by a friend saying “I’ll bet you can do something with this.” And without any effort at all, you would then have a funky necklace.

While I dream of one day having an organized craft room, especially when I see photos of what other people have done,sometimes it is the thing that is out of pace, but in my line of sight that speaks up and says “Make something with me.”

Sunday involved a bit of travel to a graduation party. I brought along some crochet, but the car was full of people so I only got a few stitches in. It is hard to count and hold a conversation. 🙂 I’m trying to talk myself out of starting a new large project before I get through a few small things that are in progress, so it may be a good thing I did not have a big stretch of time to get myself involved in anything new.