Although it is not the name of the pattern, this quilt seemed to embody Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong it will. I think I used the seam ripper at almost every stage starting with taking the squares apart and changing the pattern. Real quilters will shudder at all the cheats I used making this. It is half machine quilted and half hand quilted as the machine quilting was not working out at all.  I used the cheater method for binding by folding the back fabric over and sewing that down rather than making a separate binding. All the corners don’t match perfectly and I let them stay that way.

Not my best work, and because of that it is no longer designated as a gift. This quilt will stay at the house. It is going to be a ‘workhorse’ quilt and get a lot of daily use. The quilts in our living room get a lot of abuse…from cats deciding they must claim them as their own, to occasional spills from snacking. I love the fabrics in it, and it is the perfect size for using during the summer when the nights get a little cool.

Despite everything, there have been so many positives from finishing this. It has provided me a new challenge. I now want to learn how to use and master the walking foot of my sewing machine and will take the opportunity to practice so that the next time, I won’t run into as many problems.  It got me back into fabric mode and I’d like to keep that momentum going before the yarn calls me back. My fabric stash has been neglected as I have been working on using my yarn stash. Plus, I can make a check mark next to a long-time WiP.