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I did not get to see my mom on Mother’s Day, so instead we had lunch today.  It has been a habit of ours for years to go out to lunch on a different day near Mother’s Day so we can enjoy a meal out without the restaurant being too crowded, and wanting to move people in and out quickly.

I took along the pot of crocheted african violets I had made her, but I also stopped to gather and arrange a large bouquet of irises that were just blooming. I took a flower arranging course a few years ago and it was really helpful in learning the different ways to arrange flowers. I use the techniques a lot when i pick flowers from my garden–although they never look professional, they still look a bit better than my old method of just plunking them into a vase or jar.

This weekend the frost date will be past here in Philadelphia, so it will be time to get planting. I usually put in a lot of vegetables, but this year I think flowers may take center stage.