I took a break from crochet yesterday and pulled out my sewing machine. I’ve been meaning to sew up some microfiber covers for my swiffer mop to replace the disposable dry/dust sheets you can buy.

I suppose technically, you could just cut the microfiber cloths to the approximate shape of the swffer pad which is just a rectangle, but I thought sewing up the ends might keep them a bit more secure.

I cut the microfiber about a 1/2 inch larger than than the swiffer pad, and just laid the pad on top to figure out where to fold it over. After sewing, I flipped it out so the seams were inside, but you could just leave them on the outside to save a step.  The long ends meet in the middle, but it is no problem to slip it on, and you can still attach it into the grippy holes (shown with the green one).

I tested it without using any kind of spray and it picked up dust like a champ. The microfiber cloths were in the cheap bin section of my local drug store, so this was a very economical project–it comes out to about a dollar a cloth, and the pieces I trimmed off are still large enough to use for dusting or for whatever…these were marked as “automotive cleaning” so maybe to polish the car?

I plan to use these to replace the dry pads, but I’m sure they would also work wet.