I spent a good portion of yesterday in a waiting room, and I brought along the giant blue bag to work on. As you can see, I was able to make a whole lot of progress.  I finished out the blue yarn (yay!), and began making some stripes around the top to complete the rows.  I had 5 or 6 balls of blues and greens, but I ended liking the look of the alternating white and lime green stripes.  I was also able to get one strap done, and start the second.


Aside from getting so far along, I was really glad I brought crochet with me.  When you are waiting and worrying, it is not always easy to concentrate on a book, and I didn’t want to rely on playing on my phone all day. Doing some sort of handiwork is calming for me.  It keeps my hands busy, gives my mind some focus, but still allows me to be meditative, and in this case, pray a lot.

The surgery center in Abington Hospital has boards in the waiting room that are similar to what you see in an airport. Every patient is assigned a number, and instead of seeing arrivals and departures or boarding information, they update the number all day with what stage the person is in…pre-op, surgery, recovery. I could keep one eye on my husband’s progress on the board, and one eye on my hook.

We are home now, but I don’t think much will get done this weekend. Just trying to keep my ‘patient’ sitting down and recovering may be a full-time job.  And I may cook a few of his favorites,  he doesn’t usually give me a chance to baby him much.