Six more rows to go

Six more rows to go

When life is hectic, working on a project can give me a break from all the crazy.  But some days, even that is impossible. This week was turned on its head starting on Monday when a doctor’s visit by my husband turned into my driving him for an emergency ultrasound which led to an appointment with a surgeon which led to scheduling some not-an-emergency-but-let’s-get-you-in-before-the-end-of-the-week surgery, which led to running around to get referrals and other administrative stuff done so that said procedure can take place on Friday.

I knew that I would not have time to get really involved in anything, but I thought I could take a crochet break and at least get a round or two done in the giant blue bag.  I was able to put in 18 stitches before life popped up again and I was off and running to get a few more things done.

With out the challenge I gave myself this year, I would not have sat down at all. A day would have gone by and I would have dealt with errands and phone calls and paperwork, laundry and making dinner. It would have been a productive day, but one that may have led to many more of not working on something creative. Once you have a few of those in a row, it seems harder to carve out the time to get started again.

I crocheted 18 stitches. And those stitches make me feel like I am not losing momentum. They got me 18 stitches farther along on the project. Those stitches were enough.