I’m still working on the large bag.  In case you have noticed a trend of several projects being made with blue cotton yarn, it is because several years ago I purchased a very large skein of it from a sale bin at Michael’s thinking I might try to make a tank top or garment of some sort. I was a newbie crocheter and did not realize that hand crafting cotton yarn is  not the softest thing you would want next to your skin.


I’ve been trying to use it up, but it just keeps coming.  It is 400g and over 700 yards. I think this project will finally let me see the end of it.  I got a few more rows added during my last crochet class last night.  We also did something new this year, a yarn swap.

Everyone brought in a stray skein or two that they had left over from some project or bought on a whim and never used. They all went into a pile and you could take as many skeins out as you had put in.  I contributed some pink fun fur yarn and some black cotton yarn since I somehow ended up with two of them in my stash. I brought home some deep orange and a skein of homespun. The deep orange is something I can use for accents like carrot noses on snowmen but never bought myself because each project needing it only needed a small amount. The homespun was just pretty in a combination of peacock-like colors.

Any yarn left over is being donated to a local charity group. While this didn’t reduce my stash at all, I now have 2 skeins I will use versus 2 skeins that were just sitting in one of my yarn bins.