Well, that was just a lovely time away!  Thursday through Sunday away in the Pocono Mountains with some wonderful friends and time to craft. Bliss.

Oddly enough, I did not get anything finished this weekend.  I actually started 2 new projects–so much for conquering a few WiPs. I also was busy taking pictures of what everyone else was doing, and forgot to take any of my own work.

I got a gift for my mom started, and began a huge crocheted bag for myself. I also experimented with a new lacy coaster pattern, but by the 3rd round realized the yarn I had was too big, and so set that aside.  We ate well, took long walks, sat outside and laughed a lot.

Here’s some of what my friends were doing, clockwise from top left:


-Thoughtful flower pins to give to all the women in the nursing home where her father lives, for Mother’s Day

-Documenting family milestones with scrap book pages

-Home made spring rolls, not a craft but look how pretty!

-Finishing up a charity afghan for the local hospice program

-Piecing a friendship quit top for a friend who recently lost her husband

-Learning how to crochet with hemp twine

There were busy hands this weekend, and I lover the variety of things everyone brings.