Before and after

Before and after

I didn’t have much time at all today, but for a happy reason. I was preparing for craft weekend.Twice a year a group of friends who have been getting together each month to craft for over 20 years rent a house in the Pocono Mountains and spend the weekend there. There are seven of us, and not everyone can make it each time. Have you ever tried to coordinate the schedules of seven busy women to find that one free weekend among them? Not easy.

Do you ever feel guilty when you are working on a project and think of all the things that need to be done? The beauty of craft weekend is that none of that is there. There is no laundry to be done, no vacuuming, no errands to run. There is usually a nice long walk or two, and we do head out to visit a farmers market and a home made candy store (and maybe pick up some more wine).  Each of us sign up to prepare one meal during the weekend, so even cooking and cleaning up the kitchen is at a minimum.  Craft weekend had stretched out over the years, so now it starts on Thursday, for those who can make it up, and goes through Sunday.  My car is usually packed to the gills, and I only bring one small bag of clothes! I won’t try to list everything I’m bringing, but I like to have a variety so I can work on whatever strikes me.

So organizing and packing and throwing in “just one more thing” made the day go by quickly.  During one trip carrying bags to the car, I noticed that the violets were hitting their peak.  I picked a few and put them in a flower press for some future project. I am not sure what that will be, but I will have them once I figure it out.

Posts may be spotty over the next four days since I won’t have a proper computer, but I will surely be doing something creative!