Since the quilt is still in a time out, I decided to tackle another WiP that wouldn’t take too long to complete. I had started this bowl about a week ago in my crochet class.


I actually put the final 5 rows in on Monday, but the bowl, being yarn, was floppy and was not going to hold its shape well. I wanted to stiffen the sides and had to decide between using Stiffy and having it be very rigid, or using starch.

I went with the starch because I still wanted it to have a bit of the softness that came form making it out of yarn in the first place. I’m not sure there is a proper technique for this, but I sprayed the starch on the inside of the bowl until the bottom and sides were saturated, then overturned it onto an extra-large coffee can (which are now made of plastic, but I will always call them cans), and sprayed the outside.  The can held the bowl shape while it dried most of the day. You could also  keep it upright and stuff it with crumpled paper if there wasn’t a container that worked size-wise in your house.

The starch worked the way I wanted it to, keeping the sides from falling in on themselves when it is empty, but still letting it have some give and flexibility. And I get to make another check mark in my never ending list of WiPs!