I try to do something on Earth Day that will actually contribute, even in a tiny part, to helping reduce waste.  I’ve made dishcloths & yarn “sponges” to use in the kitchen and crocheted Swiffer covers that can be thrown in the wash. This year I am adding to my cloth napkin pile.


A couple of years ago, for a Christmas gift, a friend of mine gave out sets of cloth napkins she had made from her fabric stash. I realized I had a bunch of cloth napkins at home sitting in a drawer, pulled them out, and we have been using them at home ever since. Since then, I only use paper napkins if we are having a party, or hosting a large family dinner. Cloth napkins are really convenient, and don’t require any additional loads of laundry since they get thrown into the wash with the towels anyway.

For these napkins, I used a tablecloth I bought several years ago at a warehouse sale. It wasn’t a size I could use on my table, but I liked the fabric and thought I could make a skirt or bag from it someday.  Since that hasn’t happened yet, I decided to use some of it to make a set of four spring napkins. If I used the whole piece, I could have made 16, but this leaves me with enough of the fabric left in case I ever do get around to using it for its intended purchase.

Repurposing a table cloth into napkins is made even easier because if you cut the fabric and leave the existing hem, you can incorporate the existing hem into one or two of the napkin sides and save yourself a couple of sets of iron-fold-pin-sew. Since I was making these for everyday use, I didn’t even miter the corners.  The whole project took about an hour, even with help from one of the cats, and now I have some bright new napkins to use.

I can haz rotary cutter?

I can haz rotary cutter?