Monday night crochet class. This term the theme is “Stash busters” and we are given a small project every other session designed to teach or practice different techniques. This week we started a crochet bowl that focuses on crocheting in the round.

Beginnings of a bowl

Beginnings of a bowl

I know how to crochet in the round, but I still get messed up sometimes when I move to the next row, and always need to count my stitches…and rip out at least once. Fortunately on this, the ripping out was on the second round when there were only 32 stitches in place.  It’s fun to work on a project with a group of people who have varying levels of experience. You get to see the more experienced crocheters helping out the person next to them with a question about the pattern, and it is neat to see the people with less experience start to ask a question, and talk through the answer themselves while they are asking it, then realize they know what they are doing.

There was less chatting last night because we were all counting, but one topic that came up was the idea of not getting frustrated when you are learning something new. For some of the class fresh out of the beginners course, this was only the second time they had crocheted in rounds. It helped everyone to remember that sometimes the important thing is learning the technique, and you can’t compare yourself to someone who has been doing this for 40 years.

The 2 hours went by so quickly, and everyone seemed to work through any frustration, and get at least the base of the bowl complete. I’m going to be interested to see how much structure the walls have as it grows in height. I went down a hook size to make it tighter, but it still seems to have some inherent floppiness to it. Looks like I may be digging out some starch or stiffener when it is complete.