It is hard to believe that it was only a couple of weeks ago I was still looking at snow on the ground and thinking that spring would never get here.  This weekend, spring arrived! All the trees and plants went from brown to budding and blooming in no time at all. I think they were happy the cold seems to have finally decided to depart.


Some sights at Morris Arboretum

On Saturday, my husband and I took advantage of the weather, and the fact that a local arboretum was having their cherry blossom festival and headed there early. It was so nice to see color, and grass, and flowers starting to come to life everywhere.  I took along my camera and had some fun playing with the zoom lens. It was such a nice day, that when we got home I tried to sit outside and crochet and it was actually too warm to do it. I don’t like working with yarn when it is too hot because I’m afraid of messing up the yarn with, well, sweat and stickiness. Instead, I did a little bit of yard work, pulling up some more of last year’s debris and moving a couple of hostas that were in positions where they were crowding out odd parts of the garden.

On Sunday morning, I relaxed in the morning and continued working on the pillow back.  I was having more of a “this single crochet is taking forever!” time of it, but I did manage to get to the half way point in the pattern, so I have crested the hill and only have 31 more rows to go. When the day warmed up, inspiration and the desire to be outside hit me and I started a project that has been on my to-do list for years.  I began building a flower bed along the front of our house.

It is going to have a slight curve to it, and I ended up using an old garden hose to get the curve to the shape we wanted, then spray painting along it so that my curve wouldn’t wander too much when I was digging out the grass.  I’m lining it with large stones.  We had about a half dozen of them on the side of our house from a previous project, so they got moved into place. Hopefully more will be acquired this week so I can finish the bed, and start planning what will be planted there.

Busy weekend, but it was the kind of busy that resulted in a happy kind of tired. It’s also nice to spend time with the neighbors again after a long winter of hibernating.