pillow front

It was a day of  running around this morning. I needed to tie up some of my father-in-law’s tax return info and get to the post office to have everything mailed with today’s post mark on it. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  While out driving, I got a message from my car that the head light was out.  I thought I had a bulb in our garage at home, but it was a spare for my husband’s truck, so back out to the auto parts store and home to change out the bulb. Before the day got completely away from me I thought I’d sit down and work on some more of the cat faces.

By the time I reached the sixth one, I was starting to think that I might be OK with having different faces on them.  None of them were turning out the same anyway. A comment on yesterday’s post suggesting the same thing sealed it for me.  No two cats look exactly alike anyway. After finishing the last one, I thought I might try seaming two of them together to see how that looked. And then I  finished a row.  And then went on to join the squares in the second and third rows. And having gotten that far, I figured I would sew the rows together. And so the top is put together. And nothing else in my house got done.

I can find a lot of ways to put things off, but getting caught up in something crafty is by far my favorite.