It was a beautiful morning. a sit outside in the sun with your coffee kind of morning. But I couldn’t linger too long, I had a class to get to. The local arboretum was having a class on making resin jewelry using plants.  I’ve read many posts on using resin and it has always seemed a bit intimidating. More than a bit. There are a lot of things that can go wrong from incorrect measuring which would not allow the resin to harden, to cloudiness, to bubbles. I have seen some neat things made with resin and wanted to try, so taking a class seemed like a good way to determine whether it would be worth jumping in.


I used one of the bezels with no back.  You put a piece of clear packing tape across the back to supposedly prevent the resin from leaking out.  As you can probably see from the photo, my tape did not do the job well. I had a bunch of leakage, and have trimmed off most of it, but need to do some more work especially around the top to see if I can clean this up. The one flower also floated up and over the bezel, it was hard to keep those suckers submerged.   I went into the class with the idea that I wanted to learn the technique, and did not care so much if I liked what I made, so I am actually not bothered by the mistakes. The instructor had some samples of items she had made using molds, and I liked the look of those. If When I break down and buy some supplies to try this again, I’m going to go that route.

I am very lucky to live in an area that offers many different craft classes. It feeds into my need to keep trying new things.