I cranked out a few more cat squares today.  I only have 3 left, but I have a feeling the back of the pillow is going to take some time as it is just row upon row of single crochet.  I’ll have to put on a movie, or find some marathon on TV for that.


I looked down at my yarn and I’m hoping the grey holds out. You can see how hollow it is becoming. I don’t use a traditional yarn bowl because I am lazy and when I buy yarn in a skein, I leave it that way and pull from the center. That doesn’t fit into the shorter bowls I have seen.   I have not hit the point where I buy too much yarn that comes in hanks and needs to be rolled into balls before it can be used, but this crock holds them as well without them bouncing out.   My biggest problem with working from the center of a skein is that I have a hard time judging how much yarn is left. Until the outside completely collapses, it sort of disguises itself.

I am guessing this will be enough for 3 more squares. Best case scenario is that the yarn runs out just as I finish the last one….but how often does that happen? This yarn does not have a dye lot, so at least if I have to make an emergency run to JoAnn’s, I don’t have to worry about matching.