The blogger that inspired me to try this year-long project posted yesterday that anyone who began on January 1st had hit the 100 day mark. 100 days. Has that much of the year really gone by? And I seriously can not believe I have been able to work on something creative, even if it is just a little something or a few stitches, every day for 100 days.

During these past months, I have started  patterns and projects that had been printed out and sitting in a folder for months or even years.  I’ve been able to have less half-finished projects in various states because having to find something to work on each day actually caused me to finish things. I’ve tried new techniques(with varying results) and pulled things that were outside of my comfort zone right into it.

Today I just worked on some more cat squares, it was a day like any other day. But it turns out was also the 100th day. I am usually pretty self-deprecating, pointing out the flaws in my work whenever anyone compliments me, but today I am going to say that I am proud of me. Not for what I have done, but for having done it.