I started a new project today. I procrastinated about it for a good portion of the day and I don’t know why.  It was a drizzly day here. Perfect for getting cozy with some yarn. Sometimes when I step away from something for a day or two it seems so hard to get back into it.

Cat square

I am using this pattern (there is a puppy version there too), but changing up the color scheme.  I  am trying it with the cats all being the same color and the backgrounds will be in the  pale golden color and the deep red. Hopefully, the cats won’t blend together too much.  If that looks like it is going to happen, I may border each piece with the background color.  I’m hoping it works out so I don’t have to start from scratch! I’m also getting more comfortable with carrying a second color of yarn while working, although having the second color still attached to the piece does get me tangled up sometimes.  I just keep telling myself that it will mean less to weave in later.

There will be 9 of these squares altogether, each about 4 inches, so this should work up fairly quickly.  I decided to use Caron Simply Soft for it mainly because they had the shades of color I was looking for, but I love the way it is working up.  For an acrylic yarn, it has a really nice hand feel and should make a cozy pillow.