Aside from this blog and multiple to-do lists, I have gotten out of the habit of writing. When I was younger, starting in my teens, I kept a journal.  I didn’t write every day, but I did write regularly. It was unstructured writing and was a good way to work through thoughts. When I was working,  i had to write regularly.  More structured writing like web copy, project plans,  or even a performance review, but it kept me writing something. Since I have been out of work it does seem that only to-do lists get written.

I decided to participate in that WordPress Blog U program taking place in April. I must admit, I started it a few days late only opening the instructions for Day 1 only after I had gotten the Day 3 email. Whoops.  The first day called for 20 minutes of free writing.  And so I did it.  And it felt good. Not structured, but thoughts that moved from one topic to another. I’m not following the instructions to publish it out, but keeping it in a document on my own computer.

When I started the idea to try to work on something creative every day for a year, I was thinking of items to make, working with my hands. Fortunately, “work on something creative” is vague enough that I am going to count this writing exercise for today. Perhaps my hands needed a break, or my mind needed the exercise.