I had my crochet class last night. I used a lot of the time sewing charity squares together.  That is one of my least favorite parts of crochet projects. I crochet together when ever I can rather then sew, but these pieces needed the whip stitch.  If I can do that while talking to friends it is less of a chore for me.  I had also brought some things to pass along, A spool of #10 crochet thread for someone just learning filet crochet, a pattern for another person.  As I was digging through the tote bag I use for class I pulled out all of these zip top bags in my search.


I think I may have a problem. Either I have too many things going on at one time, or I need to get a better organization system.  The clear bags are good in a lot of ways. They are light weight, and they let me easily see what is inside of them. The problem comes up when I start mixing things.  One of these bags is supposed to hold my supplies.  Hook case, scissors, yarn needles, a spare pencil, that sort of thing.  However, it has become more of a catch all and now also has odd ends of yarn, a roll of tulle, a print out of a pattern that is quickly becoming crumpled & wrinkled. I see some reorganization in my near future.  I may also check around the house to see if there are other little totes and bags of the non-zip top kind  to use to help corral all the madness.