Crocheting in the sun. I was able to do that both days this weekend. On Saturday it was warm enough to sit on the sun porch with the windows closed and bask in the sun and natural light while working with some spring-colored yarn. It was really the first day it warmed up enough to sit out there and I took full advantage with a cup of coffee by my side.


On Easter afternoon, before the family dinner my husband and I took a long walk in the local park.  It was the first day of trout season here in Pennsylvania, so when we were done, he threw his rod in “for 10 minutes” (translation, 45 minutes) and I parked myself on a bench and crocheted.  It was a windy day, and still cool enough for a fleece and a down vest.  But the sun was warm and the nice thing about this small skein is it fit into the pocket of my vest, so only a bit of it whipped around in the wind. When I saw the fishing rod was coming along, I am glad I had the thought to tuck it in there.

It was so good to be outdoors, and see so many families out together.  Fathers and sons were fishing, kites were being flown, and people were biking and walking in happy groups.  I think we were all glad to spend some time outdoors after the long cold snap we have had as winter refused to give way to spring.