People are so creative.  I occasionally fool around with designing a crochet piece that is not from a pattern, but usually I follow the guidelines someone else created.  It constantly amazes me how people figure out how to work out shapes and fit things together.  Here’s a simple example.


I make these spiral scrubbies out of cotton yarn to use instead of sponges in my kitchen. I got the pattern here.  Before this becomes the small round ribbed scrubbie it goes through 2 other different shapes.


First is the parrallelogram. This is quick to stitch up. It’s on a chain 21, then 21 single-crochet, back-loop-only  rows with each row getting an increase at the beginning and a decrease at the end (or vice versa depending on if you are on an even or odd row).  The BLO stitch gives you the nice ribs.  I have forgotten to do BLO once or twice, and it just doesn’t work the same way.


Then you stitch the shape into a cylinder. Completely different shape. Still not looking like a little round scrubbie, but closer.

Finally you sew around one end of the cylinder, and pull it taut, then thread your yarn through to the other side and and pull taut. Finally, tie the yarn to your other end of yarn and suddenly, you have a whole new shape–a circle.

When I look at complicated patterns for crossed cables, or see a basket weave, it always makes me think about those early crochet pioneers who had the same tools as I do…a hook and some yarn…and thought “what would happen if?”