Have you ever gotten to, oh say… page 4-and-a-half out of five pages of instructions and felt that the end of the project was so, so close.  But then, then it seems like each step takes forever. Each line of instruction takes almost as long as an entire earlier page did?  I often find this with afghans, when I am down to just the border, but I forget how many stitches it is to go around, how long it will take and how much yarn it will use.

I’ve hit that point. But at the same time, the end is in sight!  I’ve finished the front panel of the van project.


And I actually think it looks like a van. Even better.  The border around the panel, the part giving it a funky shape right now, will become half of the sides of the pillow. I stitched an identical one around the back piece too.

I am down to making some tail lights and a flower for the back, stitching the piece together and finding a good way to stuff it.  It is not the size or shape of a standard pillow form, but I think stuffing it with just batting will mean that stray wispy pieces will poke out through the holes in the crochet. Figuring that part out may be the longest part of this project.

I am hoping to push through and finish it this weekend, but I will see whether life agrees with those plans.