Even when the day spring starts surprises you with 5 inches of snow, I always use snowy days as an excuse to get some crafting done.  We were supposed to have snow in the morning turning to rain, but instead we had snow, heavy snow falling all day.


I had some things I needed to get done in the morning. fortunately when the roads were still clearish. Our grey cat went to the vet since she has been losing weight for no reason.  She got some samples drawn and we should have a better idea next week what is causing it. He behavior hasn’t changed, and she is still eating and drinking, so it it troubling, and hopefully the cause will be discovered. She is a sweet cat and doesn’t mind the vet, but she does NOT like to be in the car.  Her loud yet pitiful meows were constant the entire way there and back.

I managed to get crochet time in in the afternoon, when the snow was falling too hard to even think about venturing out. My little car does not do well in the snow. And later that night, my husband and I took a snowy walk and ended up at a German restaurant for some dinner and drinks.  It is nice to live in an area where shops and restaurants are just a quick walk on days like this.