I bought some of that yarn designated for arm knitting a while ago.  Not that I wanted to try arm knitting, I was hoping it would crochet up into a thin but cozy scarf. No matter what I tried to do with it in crochet, from finger crochet to using the Q hook, it just comes out too stiff to really use for anything that needs to drape.

arm yarn

Here are two swatches I did. The one on the left is 5 rows of double crochet, and the one on the right is 5 rows of single. If it wasn’t acrylic, it might make a good pot holder. I also found it was very difficult to frog.  The loose fibers would get caught around the stitch and require breaking them to keep ripping out.

It is always fun to play with new fibers, but I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with this with the crochet hook. It really does need to be done in something as loose as arm knitting.