I’ve gotten farther along than I thought I would on this crochet project.


Here’s why: Sunday night, I flushed the toilet, and it didn’t flush. This happens sometimes, old house and all that. However, after plunging it, and trying to flush it again, the sink and shower started gurgling. Never a good thing. My husband tried to snake it, and all we got was more gurgling, and water coming up through the sink drain. Also never a good thing.

I went upstairs to try that bathroom, and while the toilet flushed with no odd noises, when we went into the basement, all of the pipes leading from the bathrooms were leaking. The waste pipes. Three of them. Really never a good thing. A call to the plumber was made, but it being Sunday night, we knew we would need to wait until morning to get an answer.

Yesterday I waited for the plumber. Waited and crocheted. I was afraid to even go out a few minutes away because we had now NO working bathrooms, and I was not going to miss his visit. The good news is I finished the main part of the back panel. And later that night I was able to weave in all the ends.

The plumber arrived at the end of the day, worked on the problem, called a coworker who came over, worked some more, brought in a big machine that made a lot of noise and did…nothing.

I did not know this right away.  I had crochet class last night and went to it, leaving  my husband who had since gotten home from work, to deal with the problem. I had been hoping that they would finish early so he could make his woodworking class that night.

When I got home, his car was in front of the house.  That meant no class, which meant probably bad news. And it was. They had not been able to fix it.

Good news…the plumber returned this morning with an even bigger tool and bored his way through pipes probably into the next town. He was able to fix the problem by lunch time. Now I have toilets that flush!  And can take a shower!  And a new found appreciation for those people who lived in the era of chamber pots.

I am currently washing all the rags we used to mop up the waste water leaks, I’ve sanitized the bathroom, replugged in the computer (which was against a wall where there were leaks), and am looking forward to a long, hot, cleansing shower once I get all this mess cleaned up.