Today was a crafty day.  I did many rows on the back panel of my hippie van pillow, but waited too long and the daylight faded for me to take a photo. It’s at a point where I am excited about finishing it though.

Earlier today, I took advantage of a Joann’s coupon and did some shopping for fabric backing of the quilt  top I was working on back  in January.


This is the fabric I chose for the backing. At some this week I hope to get back to it.  Weekends are hard for sewing because my husband is starting on a woodworking project and takes over the dining room table with sketches and actual cuts of wood. No room for a sewing machine.  One of us should really be practical and orderly, but alas, it is not the case. I’d rather have us both creating and happy (and messy) and deal with the mess on Monday.