3.1415. And if you thought of it at 9:26 this morning, you had 3.1415926. Do you celebrate pi day?  I bought some fry pies in Lancaster, PA yesterday so we could commemorate the day appropriately.

Today I started work on the back panel of the hippie van pillow I’m making, but since that currently looks like several rows of white single crochet, here’s a photos of something that is making my heart happy.


The smell of hyacinth is one of the things that makes me think of spring.  I bought this plant last week at the super market, it was small and had three sets of green shoots and tightly closed flowers.  Today, Each of the three sets of shoots has 2 stems of full bloom, deep purple, super smelling blooms.

It has been too cold here for the bulbs to start poking up from the ground, but I needed a spring fix. Each year I buy one of these and let it bloom indoors, then plant it outside once spring gets here officially. Some make it, and some provide a nice meal for the squirrels. The smell right now is heady.  It is so strong it is “smellable” from anywhere on our first floor, and as soon as you walk in the door.  It is so strong it is almost too much. Almost but not quite.

While daffodils remain my favorites because they are my sign that winter is finally going to loosen its grasp, there is nothing in this world like the scent of hyacinth.