I did something different today. I got out of the house early, met a friend and we headed out to Lancaster, PA to the AQS Quilt show.  I’ve been to other quilt shows on the east coast, but never one of these.  Their big one is in Kentucky every year.

It was smaller than I expected, and I was surprised at how much of a focus there was on machine-quilted pieces. But it is always fun to see what other people are doing, and I can appreciate a quilter’s technique even if the final quilt is not one that attracts me.  I was well behaved in the vendor area and brought home only 2 things–a long strip of hand-dyed silk velvet in yellow and red that I would like to use as part of a scarf, and a felt kit for little mitten ornaments with different embroidered designs.  I was lucky there were not more fabric vendors there, or it could have been dangerous, and I am supposed to be on a fabric-buying hiatus right now until I work my way though at least part of my stash.

I’ve loved quilts for years. It was planted in me by my grandmother who would take me to her quilt club meetings where they sat round the frame and worked on raffle quilts.  I also love thinking about how women from many years ago had these scraps, and needed warm blankets, and took the time to create something beautiful and unique to provide for their families.

After the show we took advantage of being in the Amish country and did some shopping.  I brought home too many yummy baked goods, home made scrapple and sausage, pickles, cider,  some pot pies and chicken. During the spring ans summer I try to get out to Lancaster at least once a month for the fresh, local produce and whoopie pies or some other sweet treat always makes it home with me too.

To keep in the spirit of working on something creative every day,  I did crochet a quick small flower, but I wonder if being inspired by other people’s art counts as part of being creative.