So these black things, they are going to be windows.  Does that provide more of a clue to the final product? I have about 7 more rows to go before I get back to all white across. This is fun to make, although I have had to frog more that usual,  I have been able to catch the mistakes fairly early due to all the counting so I’ve been frogging 40 stitches rather than 4 rows.

I spent a good portion of the day with my parents.  Well. mostly with my dad.  He went with me to the computer store since I needed a second person to make sure I didn’t fall for the salesman prattle.

And what a salesman he was, although I did not buy anything, he kept showing the top end computers to me.  I will admit the graphics were incredible, and the speed was faster than I have seen, and the idea of a giant touch screen all-in-one computer instead of my slow chugging tower are appealing, The price was pretty much out of control though for something I know will be obsolete in a few years.

When i got home I had to go out for a walk.  After last week’s snow, the 60 degree weather made it impossible to stay inside, even if the yarn as calling. I have a feeling that on the nice days I may be less crafty than I have been over the winter.