My sister lives in Texas. While talking to her last week, I realized that she had gotten 3 inches of snow, and my brother’s family in Virginia had gotten 8 inches of snow. Up here in Pennsylvania, we had not gotten any snow.

“Just wait”, my sister said, “our storm will hit you”. And so today it did.  It started as snow, but turned to a sleety, freezing rain sort of thing.  A grey and gloopy day that made it impossible to consider leaving the house as the walkways and streets turned to ice.  The mood was also grey and gloopy. A bad night’s sleep and the weather cancelling our plans kept the energy low at home. Perhaps March is not entering like a lion as much as a foggy funk. Maybe an aardvark or an angry sloth.


Having just finished February’s “Thing-a-Day”, I was out of the habit of picking up larger projects, and didn’t have the desire to concentrate on figuring where I was with some WiPs from January. Although I tried to be good about putting all my supplies away each day last month so that the house would not become overrun with scraps and scissors and glue, I did have a bag of cotton yarn scraps sitting next to my usual seat in the living room.

These are scraps left over from dish cloths and swiffer covers I’ve made.  Too small for a full fledged anything, but I can’t stand to waste yarn.  I decided to make another kitchen scrubbie.  It would not matter if it used different colors of yarn as it is being used as a glorified sponge.  I think I have enough here for 3 or 4 more.  The once I ended up completing today used up most of the multicolored twist, but I have a feeling most of the rest I do will be oddly-paired mixes.  They are a good small project for when I feel the need to complete something. TAD is hard to shake right away.