Day 25 Candles

I often burn scented tea lights in the kitchen.  Rather than using a holder, I will put them onto a saucer and this simple Washi tape dress up makes them look much more deliberate. These tea lights (before they were adorned) are peppermint scented, and were a gift form my niece for Christmas.

I am very lucky to have friends and family who travel to far-flung places and feel the need to bring back gifts for me. My brother works in Saudi Arabia right now, and his Christmas presents can’t be beat. Handmade items from the Bedouins, pillows made from camel blankets, hand crafted knives. If you visited my house, you would think I had lived a very well-traveled life.

When I was younger, I thought travelling for work would be great, but once I had to do it, I realized that you most often see airports, hotels and either a client’s office complex, or conference centers.

I have a very dear friend who works far too hard, and her job has taken her to many places.  For a year or so , she had to go to Japan pretty regularly. Almost every time she goes somewhere, she brings back Gummi bears for me (my favorite). And one time, after visiting Japan, she brought back Washi tape.

I often see the american version of Washi tape in stores, So cute, so tempting, but I do not buy it.   There are so many projects for it, but I worry that it will sit in a bin in my craft room unused. As this Washi tape has done. But I have always known it was there, waiting. Today, I needed a very quick project. Life has been complicated this week and today was also my husband’s birthday. Being able to make this up in the few spare minutes I had saved the day (or the TAD).

You never know when a small token from a friend or to a friend, is going to warm a heart or make a life a little easier. Today I remember how lucky I am to have a friend like this.