Day 24 Bookmarks

I don’t think I have mentioned it during February, but my Father-in-Law has Alzheimers. His daughter, my Sister-in-Law lives with him and is his primary caregiver.  Yesterday, I took her to a doctors appointment because she was experiencing flu-like symptoms, and the doctor sent us to the emergency room, where she was later admitted. My FIL can not be left alone.

Last night, my husband stayed at the house, and when he went to work this morning, I went over to take the day shift. Fortunately, my SIL was released from the hospital in the early evening, All of this background leads up to “Aack!  TAD…it is night time. What can I do quickly?”

I started doing something with votive candles, but that wasn’t going as planned, and as tired and hungry as I was, it got abandoned quickly.

Enter the googly eyes. Everyone should have some of these in their stash. They added the perfect personalities to these bookmarks, although they look a little frightened in this picture. No worries little bookmarks, I will get back to the story someday.

ETA: And looking at the picture, I just realized I made these upside down. It was a long day.