Day 21 Ornament

When I did TAD in February the past 3 years, I was working full time. Long days and with my commute, I was gone from the house at least 11 hours a day. During these years, the weekends were the time I had to do bigger projects, since I had more than a stolen 1/2  hour here or there to make my thing.

Being unemployed this year, the opposite is true.  My husband is out of the house during the week at his job, and I have time to tackle something larger. The weekends are the only times we have to really spend time together, get things done around the house,  and we have his father over every Sunday. So now the weekends seem to be when I am looking for the quick projects.

You could probably use fake snow, or table salt for these, but I used Epsom salts.  The little tree went in easier upside down, then it took some poking with a chopstick to get it upright in the globe. I’m trying to figure out a way I could get one in there with glue or something at the base  to have it stick to the bottom, and not get sticky stuff all over the sides in the process.